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EstablishedAugust 2018
Company Name21.com Ltd
AddressPO Box 227, Clinchs House
Lord Street IM99 1RZ Douglas, Isle of Man
Company number015980V
VAT numberGB 005 2813 16
Affiliate platformIncome Access

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Why choose PressEnter Partners?

Partnering up with PressEnter Partners is a no-brainer for any affiliate that has quality casino traffic. Below are some of the reasons, hold on tight!

With several conversion-optimised international online casinos, PressEnter is the perfect affiliate program for you. They are conversion & retention kings, meaning that your players will deposit and keep on playing.

The guys behind PressEnter Partners really make sure that you get splendid service, should you have any questions or issues. With a multi-linguistic team of affiliate managers, you can expect friendly and efficient support around the clock.

One of the most important aspects of any affiliate program is how they handle commission payments. With PressEnter, you never have to wonder “Where is my money?”. The commission owed is easily found in the reports and their finance department makes sure that you get your commission on time – every month!

How do I become a partner?

If you have casino traffic that you would like to monetize, just go to our website and press Sign up. You will be taken to the affiliate program, where you enter your details. After you have registered, one of the affiliate managers will contact you to see which deal would suit you the very best.

PressEnter Partners have several different commission structures they can offer. You can earn commission through Revenue Share, CPA and also a hybrid of these two. It all depends on the volumes and value of the players you send.

So what are you waiting for? Start earning commission today by signing up to one of the industry’s best affiliate programs!

PressEnter Partners

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