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Qbet Partners Casino Affiliate Program Review

The Qbet Partners casino affiliate program review starts here!

This program sees you recruiting new customers for two popular casinos, Zoome and OXI. There are multiple types of deals available, ranging from revenue share to hybrid. Your progress is being tracked by Affilka, and your admin fees come in at 35 per cent.

What is the affiliate program by Qbet Partners?

Okay, okay, you probably already know the drill. Being that you have arrived at our Qbet Partners casino affiliate program review, we are guessing you already have somewhat of a grasp as to what affiliating is all about. Still, if you are new here, we feel like a bit of refresher could be in order…

Affiliating is obviously huge nowadays, and there is a reason why we do it as well. If you want to make a passive income, becoming a casino affiliate can really do the trick. All you need to do is partner up with affiliate programs, build an audience, and start your marketing. In our case, we always strive to give our readers 100% honesty and valid information. In the world of affiliating, your readers are your lifeblood and you had better treat them with proper respect.

As part of the Qbet Partners casino affiliate program, your task is to drive traffic to Qbet Casino, which is somewhat of an internationally recognized new player in the global online casino game. In other words, your audience could be located pretty much anywhere in the world.

Qbet Partners Casino Affiliate Program Tracking

Once you join any online casino affiliate program, you immediately get a tracking link. This link is exactly the link that you should when trying to drive traffic. Once new customers sign up through your link, you get compensated for it.

Qbet Partners uses tracking software called MyAffiliates. According to the MyAffiliates website, they have numerous clients in both the casino affiliate game and elsewhere.

Qbet Partners Admin Fees

You know how it is with the world nowadays. Depending on where you live, there can be so many hidden costs and fees associated with every price that you see. People in charge usually do this to disorient you. The average person would much rather pay for everything in small increments rather than shelling out major cash straight away.

With Qbet Partners, you will need to pay so-called admin fees before you get your hands on your potential revenue share deal money. For example, if you are bound to get a 40% revenue share cut, Qbet will first deduct their actual admin fees of 30% from the pot, leaving you less to share.

Why choose the Qbet Partners Casino Affiliate Program?

So, what are some of the key elements to know about the Qbet Partners casino affiliate program?

Here are some of the top things about it:

  • Immediate 25% revenue share. Not all affiliate programs are going to bring out the big guns right when you start your journey. Here, however, you will be in for a 25% deal right from the get-go, with the potential to rise up to 40% as you progress. Do note, however, that the aforementioned 30% admin fees will always be deducted before you get your cut.
  • No negative carryover. Even if you end up in the red for one month, there is no need to start from below zero the following month. This is crucial for those times when your traffic gets extremely lucky and wins tons of money during their sessions.
  • Payments once a month. Qbet claims that they aim to process your earnings by the 20th of the following month.
  • Lifelong commissions. Once you are in, you are in for life. Thus, if some of your customers want to stay for years, you will basically keep receiving checks from them forever.

How to become a partner?

It is not difficult to join the Qbet Partners casino affiliate program. Alls you need to do is click on our link and then smash the huge yellow “JOIN AND EARN” button on their website. Soon you will be good to go!

We wish you well in your endeavours!

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