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Author Jouni

My experience of Fun Casino

Playing at international online casinos is supposed to be fun, first and foremost. When gambling with real money games, you are undoubtedly going to feel very excited as you are trying to win. Even so, you should always bear in mind that you are mostly here for fun and games. Winning some money on the side would, of course, feel terrific, but never should it become your sole focus. Thinking of things this way, you will get more pleasure out of your experience. To put things into perspective, playing at European online casinos is quite the same as playing a game of football with your mates. As long as your main focus is on having a good time, any potential successes will only be the icing on the cake.

Fun Casino is all about having fun. This L&L Europe Limited-owned operator is a fairly new casino which was first published in December of 2017, and they have been going strong ever since. Fun Casino looks as if it was developed by engineers, with emphasis on building a website that more works well than looks good. I am always down with these kinds of casinos. To me, casinos like this actually feel more legit and trustworthy than those with a huge focus on looks. As a matter of fact, that statement goes for almost everything in the world, including men and women.


Fun Casino has been known to throw in great welcome offers for most regions. From what I have seen, their bonuses even tend to be forfeitable (or non-sticky, if you will). This means that the deposit bonuses here usually only come into effect after you lose your own money, which means that you do not have to worry about wagering requirements before that. Me saying this, however, should be taken with a grain of salt, because as you know, online casinos bonuses can and do change over time and between different gambling jurisdictions. As a safety measure, I would advise you to always read the terms and conditions carefully before trying out any bonuses.

On top of hosting great bonuses, Fun Casino always shines with its many casino slots and its Malta license. I will tell you more about the slots here in just a bit!


As I already alluded to earlier in this Fun Casino overview, this place is not all that much to look at. The casino looks somewhat old-fashioned and plain rugged, which, to some people, can suck out some of the potential fun. The whole experience kind of reminds me of arriving into a venture area that you have read about online just to see that it has definitely seen better days. No glitz and glamour here—just good old gambling.

My favourite games at Fun Casino casino

Fun Casino has probably over 500 or 600 games, but to my disappointment, the game search here is not all that great. I would appreciate there being more categories and filters with which to search for new slots, but frankly, there aren’t many. Instead, you will just have to search for games that you already know exist, or go and dive in headfirst trying to find something worthwhile.

If you have read my casino overviews before, you already know that I like to introduce my favourite games during these articles. At Fun Casino, I chose a NetEnt classic called Copy Cats. This is a fun and simple slot with a nice feline theme. The goal here is to get a stack of furballs on your first reel as this will change all the other furballs into the same kind. This way, you will not have to hit all the same symbols in succession and can be happy with just getting as many cats on your screen as possible. I mean, they are all precious, are they not?!

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