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Author Jouni

My experience of LeoVegas casino

In my mind, there are three kinds of online casinos. There are the bad online casinos, the good online casinos… and then there is LeoVegas. I am not saying that LeoVegas is ugly, though—not in the slightest. To me, this must be one of the very best casinos in the business, which is, of course saying a lot. This industry is littered with so many casinos that it is not even funny, but LeoVegas has been able to stay the course ever since the brand launched in 2012.

Why am I so thrilled about LeoVegas, you ask? I will get further into this as this review progresses, but to me, this casino provides its players with a true smorgasbord of online gambling rarely seen in the industry.

Before we get into the actual hits and misses at LeoVegas, I must say that this casino really looks the part as well. Combining snowy white with hot orange in its colour scheme, this website gives off a naturally fresh vibe—as if you were at a beach searching for nice looking pebbles or in Africa picking juicy oranges from trees. Everything here just looks slick and enticing instead of the usual murky and dark online casino shtick.


Boy oh boy if LeoVegas is not just a casino filled with hits. This casino seemingly has everything all the way from a great games selection to some of the best bonuses available in the business today.

Most allowed regions of the world are getting humongous welcome offers from LeoVegas. This casino has been seen giving many of its worldwide customers as many as four different deposit bonuses, all of which are both big and juicy. High percentages and great maximum bonuses seem to be something that LeoVegas truly specialises in. The best thing about the deposit bonuses here lies beneath all the glitz and glamour of big numbers, however, as the wagering requirements and other bonus rules tend to be very lucrative here indeed. This, of course, makes winning so much easier than with most online casinos out there. The smaller the wagering requirements, the easier it is to sustain your lucky streak long enough to go for that both massive and elusive withdrawal at the end of the session. This takes us to payment methods, which they have plenty of. More than anyone really needs to be honest, but it’s a plus as they can cater for literally any player.

I would be remiss if I did not include the number of gaming options here in the long list of LeoVegas accolades. In addition to trying your luck at over a thousand slot machines, you can even place some bets on your favourite sporting events. No more do you have to have many websites for your many gaming desires as LeoVegas will easily take care of most of them.


I had to spend quite some time trying to come up with something bad to say about LeoVegas, but I still could not find anything. This online casino is simply great from top to bottom. I do not know whether they used to have holes in their game when they started, but they have already had over 7 years to iron things out and to strive towards perfection. And it shows.

My favourite games at LeoVegas casino

As I already mentioned, LeoVegas is more than just a mere slot website. I am honestly having a hard time choosing whether I would rather spend my money playing slots here or putting in some football and other bets. Judging from my gaming history at LeoVegas, I have been doing both here, which is a great testament to LeoVegas’s overall allure.

Since I always tend to introduce the readers to one of my favourite slots at any given casino, I will not neglect to do it now either. This time, I would like to talk about Big Time Gaming’s very own TheFinal Countdown slot. And yes, you guessed it: this game revolves around the song of the same name from the Swedish rock band Europe. Swedes are, of course, known for their huge role in the global online casino industry, so it is actually quite a surprise that The Final Countdown slot comes from an Australian gaming company instead.

Unlike most BTG games, The Final Countdown is not a so-called Megaways slot. Instead, there are 4096 ways to win here with huge multiplier-wilds sometimes hitting the reels. The coolest thing about this game, however, is the fact that you can actually start to hear the rumblings from the old hit song in the background once you get some scatters on your screen. Miss the additional scatters, though, and the song will come to an abrupt end.

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